El 7 de septiembre


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  • 2 assignments to finish up today 
    • Ser & Subject Pronouns (Sentence Practice)
      • Hour 1 = 21 not turned in
      • Hour 2 =  7 not turned in
      • Hour 3 = ALL turned in
      • Hour 4 = 8 not turned in
      • Hour 5 = 1 not turned in
    • Sub Plans = Compare/Contrast Yourself with Classmates
      • Hour 1 = 17 not turned in
      • Hour 2 =  7 not turned in
      • Hour 3 = 10 not turned in
      • Hour 4 = 6 not turned in
      • Hour 5 = 8 not turned in

Peer Evaluation & Examples

  • IF you turned this in yesterday, you will need to get it back from Google Classroom to participate in the following....
  • Peer Evaluation
    • Underline ALL conjugated forms of SER and GUSTA
    • Turn you laptop to a partner to peer edit for correct forms of each verb
    • Make corrections accordingly
  • Examples
    • Students will write examples on the whiteboard for each color section.
    • Use these examples to further help make edits to your writing assignment

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Tomorrow - Writing Assessment similar to today's work (I will supply the verb charts for you to use); Also we will learn about Hurrican Irma & Puerto Rico

  • Yourself with Classmates

El 6 de septiembre

Sub Day

Please review Sub Tab at the top of this page

  1. Work together to help one another out!
  2. Goal is to finish by the end of class! (If not, it will be homework)
  3. CLICK HERE for today's assignment (submit it Google Classroom)

El 5 de septiembre


1. Yo (ser)
2. Ella (ser) de
3. Ana y yo (ser) de
4. Ana y Sara (ser)

Which questions above can you use adjectives to describe people directly after the form of SER?
For the remanding questions, what word can end the sentence?


Today you will interview 3 classmates IN SPANISH. Take notes using the graphic organizer. 

Rules for the Interview:
  • You cannot interview anyone from your group.
  • Each interview will be conducted sitting down.
  • A timer will indicate when it is time to rotate to a new classmate.
  • SPANISH ONLY during this time.


  1. Answer the questions under the Graphic Organizer. 
  2. Use the markers at each table to highlight in 
  • red words that are unique ONLY to you
  • orange words that is unique to only 1 person
  • green words YOU have in common with others
  • yellow words that OTHER people have in common