El 18 de abril

Choose 4 of the following to create 4 Memes about your childhood! ONLY 1 can be a cognate!

  • consentido
  • bien educado
  • maleducado
  • generoso
  • timido
  • travieso
  • atrevido
  • energetico
  • perezosa
  • sociable

Yo era.....de niƱa.

  1. Find a meme that clearly defines the adjective.
  2. Add your text....CLICK HERE FOR AN EXAMPLE
    1. Start with the Spanish phrase "I used to be...as a child" (Remember! Choose 4 different words from above to complete your sentence)


Use the Form below to submit the 4 links to your memes.

Sub Plans - Tuesday 4/17/2018

Sub Plans

  • Complete Monday's work
    • Childhood Vocabulary Document CLICK HERE
    • Copy of p. 208 Vocabulary Translations CLICK HERE
    • Make a Quizlet WITH images of the NOUNS section of the Vocab Document
  • If Extra Time
    • Play Quizlet games to practice new vocabulary

* I am so sorry I have been gone! I was in the hospital from Friday through Monday. I am home resting now and starting to feel a bit better. It is my goal to be at school on Wednesday. 

Sub Plans 4/12/2018

Sub Plans

Students will review for Friday’s Test. The following is posted in Google Classroom AND on www.spanishflipped4u.blogspot.com

In Google Classroom is an Answer Key for the Study Guide they have

Also, students can review with partners or alone with:
  • Mini whiteboards and play Hangman with the vocabulary
  • Mini whiteboards to practice
Direct Object Pronouns with answering questions

Students can use their FLIP BOOK on the test.

Speaking Presentation At A Glance


Complete Graphic Organizer (p. 2)


Complete Timeline (p. 3) - Start placing photos in order of presentation alongside the Spanish sentences you will speak about each picture.


Complete written or typed scripts. 
Complete a timed practice to see if you need more Spanish sentences to reach 90 seconds.


Perform script/presentation with a partner for peer feedback.



Present projects to class.