Sub - January 10, 2018

Students are working in a new online textbook.

Students will SUBMIT for a Grade:

  • 4 online assignments
  • 1 paper with translations for 2 of the online assignments

Students will follow the directions below:

1) Open Unidad 7 Argentina and Click on the U7 Smartbook

2) Click on the Arrow Menu (the gray circle with the arrow opens the menu). Then click “Desafio 1 - Fotonovela”

3) Now Click on the Red Icon that looks like an Eye (found to the LEFT of the word “Tim”)

4) Before watching the video, select the flag for Spain (1st flag) and this will show the Spanish Subtitles.
You will answer questions after the video

5) After the video, click the X in the upper right corner (see above image).

The following activities allow for 3 attempts each. (An attempt = completion of the entire activity and THEN you click CHECK. You can only click CHECK 3 TIMES and then you are locked out. If this happens you will need to finish you activity on paper.)

6) Now scroll down to Activity 7 and complete the activity according to the video
(no worries, the dialogue of the video is found in the pictures at the top of this page.
7) Next, complete Activity 8a. You will click the “headphones” icon to hear the audio.
Tip: This is one long continuous audio, BUT it goes in order of the boxes you check for the activity.

8) NOW, translate the above boxes you checked ON PAPER (you will turn this in at the end of the hour)

9) Move on to Activity 8b. You will listen to the same audio (click headphones), BUT
now you will write the conjugated verb you hear from the boxes you selected above.
Letter A is done for your in the example below, so the next word you hear will be the 2nd box
you clicked above.

Hint: all of these are in the WE/NOSOTROS form; basically you could conjugate the rest without listening:)

10) Now for the LAST ACTIVITY. Click the black arrow on the right side of the screen as seen below.

11) You will need your Vocabulary List for this activity. Scroll down to Activity 11
and use the following words to help you understand each sentence.

Sale = leaves Puerto = port (for boats) Moverme por = get myself around
Conducir = drive Cerca de = close to

12) On the paper that you will turn in, translate the sentences above to English.
Turn in to the Sub and then study Quizlet.

¿Por quĂ© viajas?

Why Travel?

  • Friday we will have a guest speaker that lived in Peru for 2 years as a medical translator.
  • We will learn about Peru so that we can create well informed questions to ask our guest.

Globe Trekker Peru Video &Worksheet

In small groups:

  • What are some modern day conveniences we might take for granted?
  • What processes do you know of that is required for living abroad?

CLICK HERE for a Vimeo on the Importance of Travel

CLICK HERE for some Question Ideas for the Guest Speaker 

Now submit 2 questions to ask during the speaker's presentation (CLICK HERE)