El 11 y 12 de abril


Complete the 1st 3 columns of the Proficient Questions Google Doc

WheelDecide...¿Cómo eras de niño?

  1. Spin the wheel
  2. Find the conjugated verb in the question blank on your Google Doc (if more than one option choose one)
  3. Ask your partner that question
  4. Record a simple response (Sí/No/Bien/Mal...)
  5. Now your partner spins the wheel on his/her computer and repeat the process
  6. Spin until your wheel is empty (the verbs will disappear from the wheel as you land on them)

Hours 2-5 (El 10 de abril)


What are each of these MEMES saying?


Hour 1 - El 11 de abril

Choose 4 of the following to create 4 Memes about your childhood! ONLY 1 can be a cognate!

  • consentido
  • bien educado
  • generoso
  • timido
  • travieso
  • atrevido
  • energetico
  • perezosa
  • sociable

  1. Find a meme that clearly defines the adjective.
  2. Add your text....CLICK HERE FOR AN EXAMPLE
    1. Start with the Spanish phrase "I used to be...as a child" (Remember! Choose 4 different words from above to complete your sentence)


Use the Form below to submit the 4 links to your memes.