El 6 de abril

Choose 4 of the following to create 4 Memes about your childhood! ONLY 1 can be a cognate!

  • consentido
  • bien educado
  • generoso
  • timido
  • travieso
  • atrevido
  • energetico
  • perezosa
  • sociable

  1. Find a meme that clearly defines the adjective.
  2. Add your text....CLICK HERE FOR AN EXAMPLE
    1. Start with the Spanish phrase "I used to be...as a child" (Remember! Choose 4 different words from above to complete your sentence)


Use the Form below to submit the 4 links to your memes.

El 3 de abril

Selena de niña...

  • ¿Cómo era Selena de niña?
  • ¿Qué le gustaba a Selena? 

Cultural Assumptions in Selena...

  • What cultural assumptions did Abraham and his band Los Dinos encounter when they tried to pursue music?
  • What empathy do you have for Abraham and his band? 
    • Do you have any experiences that help you to see their experiences through their eyes? 
      • If so, what? 
        • If not, how can you still empathize with or respond to their experiences?