El 30 y 31 de marzo

Sub Day - Lesson Plan

  • Today you will work in your TEAMS for your CULTURAL CONNECTIONS PROJECT
  • Watch 2 empathy videos and answer the questions to the following GoogleDoc

Empathy Videos

El 29 de marzo


  • ¿Cómo eras de niño/a?
    • Use 2 new adjectives from our vocab list and 1 additional adjective NOT on our list.

Los verbos regulares del imperfecto

¡Cuidado! (Be careful as there ALOT of verbs that are NO LONGER irregular)...

Los verb irregulares del imperfecto


El 28 de marzo


  • ¿Cómo eres?
    • What is this asking?
    • What verb form do you answer with?
    • Now pick 2 adjectives to answer this in a complete sentence and be prepared to share aloud
  • ¿Cómo eras de (as) niño?
    • Guess what this is asking.
    • The YO form = Yo era....
    • Now pick 1 adjective (you can use SpanishDict to look up a word you need)

El Vocabulario Nueve (Google Drive / Unit 7)