El 9 de noviembre

Dibujamos y Hacemos Definiciones
  • Worksheet of drawings and definitions from yesterday

Class Starter

  • ¿Qué haces por la mañana para prepararte para escuela?
    • State 3 things in the YO form


  • CLICK HERE to see how well you understand the daily routine vocabulary WITHOUT using any notes or help from classmates


  • In small groups share your top 3 favorite drawings using the following format:
    • Share your definition
      • See if the group can guess the Spanish verb you just defined
    • Share your drawing
    • Share what you included in the "Más Información" box
      • let others share if they had different words for you to add to your Más Información box and or let them add your ideas to their box

Actividad en grupos de 2 a 3 (no más que 3)

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