El 11 de noviembre

12 Daily Routine Words

  • Complete the 12 words for a person's daily routine from morning to night
  • The get your 12 construction sheets of paper
  • Draw images on each paper WITHOUT writing the word
  • Outline the image in dark marker

iTunes Account on Your Mac?

If not, create an account WITHOUT using a credit card.


Download the app “Skitch” from your app store.

Upload this image into the app (you may need to download it first and then upload)

Practice using the tools by labeling the pictures, drawing arrows….

Your Pics

  • Place pictures in order
  • Snap a picture


  • Take a photo of your daily routine pictures in order from morning to night. 
    • Rotate it BEFORE uploading to SKITCH
  • Then label each photo in the YO form.


Post your image to Twitter or Google+ with #spanish4lhs

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